Why a Baby?

Have you ever wondered why God decides to do what He does?

Lately I’ve been pondering why God chose to come as a baby. Why not come as an adult, getting rid of the growing process? God is not limited, like we are, by time and age. Realistically, He could have had skipped the process of being a baby. He could have avoided the weeks of trying to walk and falling, the tedious process of learning to read and write - He could even have gotten Himself out of the awkward teenage years.

But instead, for some reason, God chose it all.

I feel like I often find myself demanding clarity of God. I want Him to show Himself clearly. I want to know exactly what He thinks about everything all the time… I don’t like things to be unknowable, and I sometimes long for the days when God parted the Red Sea and dwelt among His people as a pillar of fire. How easy it must have been to know God’s will! Should we leave this place? Has the pillar of fire moved? No? Okay then we stay. Easy!

But interestingly, it seems the Israelites often complained about God’s ambiguity despite his obvious, tangible nearness. They doubted God when Moses took too long to come down from the mountain. They questioned God when their enemies were too big or strong. They couldn’t even go near the presence of God without fear of dying on the spot. Perhaps, God in the Old Testament is less “examinable” than I had originally thought. A pillar of fire clouded in mystery.

So why a baby?

After 400 years of silence, it is as if God answers the prayers of His people from the beginning of time:

“God, show us yourself.”

God came in the most vulnerable, smallest, approachable way. Not only that, He comes in submission to all the rules and laws of physical, earthly life that he created. He empathizes with us entirely. By choosing to come as a baby, He knows what it is to fall down, to get the hiccups, to smell fresh baked bread, to witness loss, and to suffer. He knows what it means for us to be, well, human. God as a baby is very important because it means God can empathize with us through all phases of life. He knows. And we see Him. No ambiguity. No pillar of fire. Jesus. God as a human, like us, but without failure, sin or wrongdoing.

There is something special and unique about God as an infant, indeed.

He came and became vulnerable so that we would know Him and could approach Him. He changed everything. He knows what it is is to be human. He walked this earth fully God and fully human, empathizing with us in every way. This! This is why God came as a baby - and what a wonderful reason it is.

This posts’ author, Rachel Hargis, a former ballet dancer and a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Woman’s Ministry. Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts students are most likely to see Ms. Rachel on Monday nights, when she works as part of the Front Desk Team.