Students Invited: The Beauty of Introspection

While quality instruction, sufficient class hours, and performing opportunities are all important parts of a classical dance education, the recipe is not complete without an occasional trip to see a performance! There is nothing quite like the inspiration and excitement that can come from watching a professional performance live. Here in Chicago, we have easy access to many opportunities to see professional ballet companies and a variety of other dance companies perform - including our own Ballet 5:8 professional company.

This September, it is our pleasure to invite Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts students to attend an upcoming Ballet 5:8 production, The Beauty of Introspection, with a special discount available only to current students and their families! The code B58SCHOOL can be used to purchase $20 tickets, a full $10 off the regular ticket price. This performance will be a great opportunity for students to experience dance at a professional level and take advantage of the inspiration that can come from experiencing live dance performance from the vantage point of the audience from time to time. 

About the Program

Ballet 5:8’s fall program is made up of three dynamic works that, though diverse, converge on a relatable theme: being human. The program’s first work is a world premiere by New York choreographer and Chicago native Preston Miller. And Mercy explores concepts of judgment, grace and mercy in an athletic, contemporary style that engages the eye in continuous, connected movement emerging seamlessly from the music.

The program’s second premiere, Mi Familia, is a flamenco-styled ballet is drawn from Ballet 5:8 Artistic Director Julianna Slager’s own experiences growing up in a multi-racial family. The work celebrates the beauty of family and relationships that transcends racial and cultural differences. Finally, audience favorite The Four Seasons of the Soul will round out the program with its intense, poignant reflection on life expressed through the four seasons of nature. The neoclassical work is a beautiful, unforgettable experience that challenges us to see life through the lens of the bigger picture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about The Beauty of Introspection.

Q. I don't normally like to drive in Chicago. Is the performance downtown?

A. The Athenaeum Theatre is not in downtown Chicago - it is located in a quieter neighborhood north of the city! Getting there does not require driving downtown through the Loop.

Q. Is parking expensive? 

A. There is typically free street parking available on the neighborhood streets surrounding the theater. If you can't find one of these spots, there are also a few lots where parking is inexpensive ($2/hour). See the Athenaeum's info page for details here.

Q. Is the B58SCHOOL ticket discount code only for Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts students? 

A. The discount code is actually usable for all students, their families, and any friends invited to the performance! Additionally, children ages 10 and younger can use our $12 child ticket and do not need the discount. 

Q. Is the performance appropriate for children? 

A. Yes! The performance is not designed specifically for younger children, but it is appropriate for all ages. The program also includes a short intermission between each of the pieces, allowing a moment to stand and stretch between the acts. The performance will be a great experience for anyone of any age who enjoys dance!

Q. I've never attended a professional dance performance before. Why should I go? 

A. There are many, many reasons! To name a few:

  • We think you will enjoy yourself!
  • You do not need any previous experience with dance to attend or enjoy the performance. 
  • In a dark world full of hardship, difficulty and bad news, this is an opportunity to take in some beauty and be reminded of the goodness of the Lord! 
  • Professional dance performances can be thoughtful and beautiful in many ways, but performances by secular companies can be dark and are contain elements that are suggestive and/or inappropriate. Ballet 5:8's mission is to be a redemptive voice in the professional dance world, crafting performances that highlight the beautiful, breathtaking elements of dance in a manner that is clean, appropriate, godly, uplifting and beautiful! You won't find this commitment anywhere else. 
  • To a student dancer, seeing a professional dance performance is like... imagine a child playing in Little League who gets to attend a MLB baseball game! Getting to watch the pro's and look up to them is exciting, inspiring, and an important part of the learning process. 
  • Just like Christian filmmakers need the support of Christian movie-goers when a new film hits the theaters, Ballet 5:8 needs the support of Christian ticket buyers like you in order to be able to to continue to shine the light of Christ in the dark world of dance.