Hip Hop is Here

You may have heard the term Hip Hop before, but do you know what it is? New this semester, Ms. Christina is teaching hip hop classes in the Youth Dance Division. If you aren't familiar with this dance style yet, it's time to brush up! 

What is Hip Hop Dance?

Hip Hop is a movement style that expresses different rhythms and beats within a song through articulate footwork and upper body movement. There are many different technique styles that have developed over time through the influences of popular music and social economics. This has allowed hip-hop dance to be used as an expression of emotions and individualism through both free dancing and choreography. 

What Do You Wear to a Hip Hop Class?

In hip-hop class you can wear a leotard, workout top, running shorts, capris, running shoes, converse, or boots. The dress code for hip-hop class still needs to clean and put together but there is room to have more of a relaxed look. Since hip hop classes at Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts take place on the special marley dance flooring, shoes worn to class should be reserved for indoor use only and not worn outside.

What Can I Learn from Hip Hop Class?

Hip Hop class is the perfect class for a dancer who has high energy and loves to dance and groove whenever music comes on. At Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts, Hip Hop class is a fun place to learn how to articulate different movement to represent in the different beats and rhythms in a song in a godly, praiseworthy way. Dancers will learn different techniques (listed below under history of hip hop), and they will also participate in freestyle that builds creativity and confidence. 

The History of Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance originated in the streets of New York City amongst young Hispanic and African American communities in 1960’s. The style began as a result of improvising steps and movement to fast and upbeat rhythms of popular music of the time as a social dance. As time went on different techniques of movement were created and practiced as apart of the art of hip hop dancing.  

Different Styles in Hip Hop

  • Lyrical Hip-Hop is a fluid and interpretive style of movement that tells a story through choreography. Each step is portraying an emotion to express the lyrics of a song of the story being through the dance. 
  • Stepping is a percussive dance where the body becomes the instrument in creating sounds and rhythms using the feet, spoken word, and hand clapping. Stepping draws from elements of gymnastics, tap dance, marching, and African/ Caribbean dance. 
  • Tutting/Tetris is a hip-hop style that mimics angular poses that were used in ancient Egyptian art, being named after King Tut. The style keeps involving over time as it creates different angular shapes with various tempos and level changes.