The Good Days and the Bad Days

Everyone Has Bad Days and Good Days. 

There are days that seem like you cannot find any motivation to work hard. There are days where the teacher asks more of you than you seem to be able to do, which can cause a lot of frustration. Then, you have those days where you do have the energy to push yourself.  You may be able to get your leg up easier or higher, you may be able to hold a nice balance or do an extra turn. 

With the highs and lows of ballet it is common for dancers to ask themselves, Do I really want to be here? Do I really like this? Sometimes these questions arise because of an injury, or because you miss out on a school activity to attend your dance classes and rehearsals. Without question, every professional dancer has had these questions run through their mind. It is very normal. 

So how do you answer those questions when you are going through a low point?  There are many factors that go into being a ballet dancer.  Do you simply enjoy the performing aspect and not the long hours of training and rehearsals? Or do you only like the training side of things and don't really like performing? There are so many components to ballet.  There is the artistry and the athleticism. The training also consumes a large portion of your time.

When you're in a low point, you may be tempted to conclude that you "hate" ALL of ballet. In reality, it is probably just one aspect that is proving particularly frustrating or challenging at the moment. Make sure to remember the things you do enjoy about being a dancer. Also remember that training in ballet is by nature very difficult! Give yourself some grace for working through the low points, knowing that everyone has them. Having ups and downs is very normal when you're pursuing something that is as physically and emotionally challenging as ballet is.

Now when it comes to overcoming the bad days, there are some specific things you can do. You may have a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad month. When you are continually being pushed it feels like you are never improving, but it is just the opposite!  It's important to have small personal goals for you to focus on while working on the things your instructor asks of you. With the smaller personal goals, you are better able to see your progress.  You can have small happy moments within a really hard class.

It is safe to say that these questions will come to you more than once during your training as a student and then again if you continue on as a professional.  The biggest question you need to always remember is: Is this where the Lord wants me to be?  If it is, than you will have peace about where you are.  If it isn't, the Lord will gently lead you in the next path you must take.

A truth you can always hold on to:

 "Our worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God's grace." --Jerry Bridges