Adult Ballet Interviews: Samantha Bush

Q. Please introduce yourself! 

A. My name is Samantha Bush.

Q. How long have you been taking ballet? 

A. Altogether, about 12 years. This is my fifth year at Ballet 5:8.

Q. Did you take ballet as a child? How did you get into taking classes as an adult? 

A. I danced for 7+ years as a child, starting continuously at 6 until I was 13. The longer I was away, the more I began to miss ballet being a part of my life, but it took until I was 31 to seek out a class for adults.

Q. What do you enjoy about classes? 

A. I love that I can take ballet seriously in terms of learning and improving but there are not the same pressures or expectations I felt dancing when I was younger. I enjoy the exercise, but I mostly just love ballet and want to have a comfortable environment to dance! The teachers are also wonderful and I love hanging out with my ballet friends! 

Q. What is one piece of advice you have for an adult considering adult classes for the first time?

A. We all have fun with it and never take ourselves too seriously so you can relax knowing there's no one judging you...we're all in this together!