Adult Ballet Interviews: Laura Kalinski

Q. Please introduce yourself! 

A. I'm Laura Kalinski. For my day job I work in the IT Department as a Senior Coding Analyst for a Life Insurance company commuting downtown. My fun jobs are: Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach as well as a mom of three grown kids, three more step kids and grandma of nine!!!.

Q. How long have you been taking ballet? 

A. About 12 years total. 

Q. Did you take ballet as a child? How did you get into taking classes as an adult? 

A. Yes!  I started ballet and tap when I was 4 then focused just on ballet around age six, on pointe by age 11.

Q. How did you get into taking classes as an adult?

A. I took a very long hiatus but I started attending Joffrey Ballet performances pretty regularly a few years ago so that sparked my love of ballet again. Then on Facebook I ran across Kathryn Morgan formerly of the NYC Ballet on Pointe Magazine's page and got hooked on her YouTube ballet class videos practicing at home for about 14 months. It took me a while to get out of my head thinking I was "too old" to pick up ballet again and go to class. So I got the courage to search for a place to take class. It took awhile to find a place that taught adults that fit my schedule. Finally, about six months ago, I found Ballet 5:8 and here I am!  Let me say I am so impressed with the caliber of Ballet Mistresses here as well as the students!  I am so glad to be part of the Ballet 5:8 family!

Q. What do you enjoy about classes? 

A. When I am in class, all I am thinking about is ballet.  Not my laundry list of things to do or my troubles. All that is left at the door the moment I walk in.  Ballet makes my soul sing!  I noticed big improvements since coming to class. Thank you to all Ballet Mistresses for your guidance and the space to improve our art! 

Q. What is one piece of advice you have for an adult considering adult classes for the first time?

A. First of all - get out of your head!  You are not too old, not strong enough, not good enough. You ARE ENOUGH!  Ballet is really for EVERY BODY!  Seriously! Secondly, Ballet 5:8 is a judgement free zone. So make the leap and get to class!!