Introducing AcroDance

We are excited to offer a NEW class called AcroDance this fall! In this blog post, instructor Ms. Olivia Lane tells us more about AcroDance.

As you might have guessed from its name, AcroDance combines the athleticism of acrobatics and the art of dance!

Acro 3.png

AcroDance is really fun, and I love how it can build your confidence as a dancer. One of the most exciting aspects of AcroDance is the thrill of accomplishing movements that once seemed very challenging or even impossible. Throughout the semester, students will learn varied repertoire and encounter challenging movements while developing strength and flexibility.

As students conquer their fears and acquire new skills through AcroDance, they will also gain a confidence they will carry with them both in the studio and outside the studio.


Class usually starts with a warm-up and some cardio training to work on stamina. Next, we work on balancing exercises such as handstands, forearm stands, and chest stands. The next part of class focuses on limbering skills which involve slower, more controlled movements. As class progresses, we work on tumbling skills, which are more forceful movements than those in limbering skills. Finally, we wrap up class with stretching to cool down and increase flexibility.

Acro 2.jpg

AcroDance is well-suited for students who want to work on both flexibility and strength, as you need to be both strong and flexible in order to master the movements. It can be a great supplement for any dance class, or a great source of fun and fitness all on its own!

I am very excited to share AcroDance with our students at Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts, and hope to see your student in class!

Instructor Olivia Lane is certified to teach AcroDance through Acrobatic Arts and is trained in spotting. AcroDance will be offered at Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts beginning Fall 2018.