Introducing Praise Dance!

We are excited to offer a NEW class called Praise Dance this spring! In this blog post, instructor Ms. Jessica Lohr tells us more about Praise Dance.

Praise Dance is dance that is specifically focused on reflecting worship through movement. Many of the movements in praise dance hold symbolism and there is a focus of freedom of movement.

Through this class, students will learn to express themselves through movement and gain confidence through worship! There is such a beautiful connection created when movement and dance is used to glorify, magnify, and experience the presence and truths of Jesus Christ. My biggest hope is that students will grow closer to Jesus through taking this class.


Praise dance is for anyone at any level of dance who wants to learn to worship and experience the presence of God in a new way.

A typical class will begin with a warm up and various exercise to allow the student to become more comfortable with dance. The class will then progress to a time of learning a short dance with a specific focus that is usually based on a particular worship class. The end of class is a time of creative movement exercises that allows that student to explore worship through their own creativity, and is my favorite part of the class!

Dance is mentioned so many times in the Bible and I believe that God loves it when we dance!

I have experienced God use dancing in my own life to cultivate purpose, healing, and a better knowledge of who God is. Dance can lead those who are watching into these things as well. Dance has brought me and so many other closer to Jesus!

Join Ms. Jessica for Praise Dance at Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts beginning Spring 2019.