Lauren Ader-Cumpston

Founding Conservatory Program Director

Lauren Ader-Cumpston began her dance training at an early age in Conifer, Colorado. In 2004 she began to pursue training in classical ballet and studied under Nikoloz Makhateli and Anastasiya Buechele in Denver, Colorado. Lauren also had the opportunity to train at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet in New York City and performed as a part of their Studio Company for two years. There, she studied under Gelsey Kirkland, Rinat Imaev, Karina Elver and Lyubov Fominich. Lauren moved to Chicago and joined Ballet 5:8 as a Company Artist in 2012 and served as the Ballet Mistress for Ballet 5:8 Professional Company and as the Director of Residency Programs for Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts until 2017. Mrs. Cumpston now works in San Antonio, Texas as a ballet instructor and continues to visit Ballet 5:8 as a guest teacher. Mrs. Cumpston specializes in working with intermediate and advanced training levels and brings an extensive knowledge of Vaganova technique, classical port de bras, and artistry to the school.