Why Nonprofit?

Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts is a part of Ballet 5:8, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization! As a nonprofit, we exist not to make a profit, like a traditional for-profit business. Instead, our goal is to further our mission and serve our community. Everything we do must be connected to our mission.

Your Tuition Dollars

In a for-profit business, the owner can choose whether to re-invest profits from the business or take those dollars home as income. As a nonprofit, we are legally required to (and do) invest all funds that come into the organization back into the organization. This means that 100% of every dollar that you invest in Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts - whether through tuition, performance tickets, or a donation - will go to meet the needs of the organization, its current work, and its future development. 

Donor Funding

As you may know, most donations to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations are tax-deductible. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts is able to use donor support to make our high-quality dance programs available at tuition rates that are far below the average rates for the same caliber of training. 

A Great Place to Dance

We feel strongly that being a nonprofit organization is one of the best ways for us to ensure that Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts is a great place to dance. Since making a profit is not the goal of the organization, we have full freedom to invest our energy and passion into our mission!