Our Mission

Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts is the dance education arm of Ballet 5:8, a 501-(c)-3 nonprofit organization and professional performance company dedicated to creating and performing honest, relevant, breathtaking dance.

The school's mission to make high quality dance training accessible to students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability, in an environment that nurtures students and allows them to thrive. Whether students take classes for a few years or many, study for fun, or train to pursue professional careers, it is our goal to be a positive influence in students' lives that can help prepare them for whatever lies ahead.

Our Basis in Faith

Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts' name is a reference to a verse from Scripture that is the starting point and motivation for everything that we do: 

...but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us
— Romans 5:8

Though students are not required to share our faith, our faith does mean that we:

  • Freely talk about our faith around the studios and share about the hope we have in Christ
  • Pray before classes begin and when appropriate, lift of the needs of students in prayer
  • Seek to be positive role models by demonstrating things like integrity, honesty, respectfulness, a diligent work ethic, patience, kindness, and joy on a daily basis
  • Use carefully selected music in classes, steering clear of things like inappropriate language and suggestive lyrics in order to maintain a wholesome, positive environment for students and staff alike 
  • Challenge students to come to class with a positive work ethic, to address their instructors with respect, and to encourage, compliment and esteem their peers.
  • Particularly in the context of performances, encourage students to use what they learn in dance as a way to meaningful stories and experiences of with others.


We are committed to ensuring that each of our dance programs consists of high-quality instruction. This is made possible through a combination of mature, qualified instructors, small class sizes, and teaching syllabi developed specifically to meet the needs of students in each program.


    We are committed to making each of our dance programs and performances are widely accessible. Through a combination of donor support, committed staff members and a no-frills approach to managing our programs, we are able to keep our tuition and ticket prices below industry standards and to offer a range of financial aid scholarships to students in particular need. 


    We are committed to challenging, teaching and equipping students in dance in a manner that builds students up, inspiring passion and teaching the self-motivated work ethic needed to succeed in dance. Rather than ridiculing or berating students, instructors provide correction and constructive criticism in love.