Why Dance?

Here are six quick reasons why a dance education - whether it be a few classes or years of training - can serve students well for a lifetime.

1. Confidence and Expression

Though dancing and performing can be intimidating at first, dancing in a positive, encouraging environment can help students to develop a healthy sense of confidence. Dancing teaches about communication and expression through movement and body language.

2. Physical Fitness

Dancing is one of the least boring ways to achieve and maintain physical fitness! Dancing requires both aerobic and anaerobic activity and promotes flexibility, strength and muscle tone.

3. Posture, Poise and Coordination

Regular participation in dance lessons, particularly classical ballet, can help students achieve command of their posture, poise and coordination.

4. Self-Discipline and Work Ethic  

In dance, students can experience firsthand the positive effects of their hard work – or the negative effects of the lack thereof! This helps student to develop a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation for the rewards of self-discipline and hard work. 

5. Strong Community and Friendships

Dance lessons are a also great way to develop strong community and friendships! These tend to develop easily at dance among students and families based on regular interactions at dance paired with strong shared interests and goals. 

6. Lifelong Benefits

Dancing as a child has many, many lifelong benefits - some of which we are just beginning to research and discover! We currently know that dancing affects the development of the brain (in a positive way), that dancing promotes emotional and psychological health, and that dancers naturally develop some of the most crucial job skills needed in the 21st century.