Boys Programs


We are thrilled to welcome boys to join us and get moving at Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts! Whether you're new to dance or want to take your dancing to the next level, we have a place for you. Our dedicated programs allow boys of all ages and levels of ability to experience the fun and benefits of dance in a high-energy environment designed just for the guys.

What to Expect

  • Small class sizes that allow instructors to maintain an orderly classroom and give each student ample individual attention.

  • Experienced, qualified instructors who enjoy working with students of all ages.

  • Consistent, constructive class content based on age-appropriate curriculum.

  • Appropriate, positive class music.

  • High-value for your tuition dollars: 18 full weeks of instruction each semester, no “fluff” off weeks.

  • Discounts for multiple-class enrollment.

  • Performance opportunities.

  • A positive, nurturing environment based in the overarching joy that comes from our basis in faith (Romans 5:8) - learn more.


First Class Free

New students are always welcome to attend their first class free with no registration obligation. Call the office to set up your appointment anytime.

How It Works

Boys Dance 

A great place for boys to start is by attending our specially-designed Boys Dance class just for boys! This experience is a fun way to get moving and learn the fundamentals of dance, in an all-boys environment with a male instructor. Boys Dance can be used as a springboard for future training in dance, as a way to gain additional strength and flexibility for sports including football, basketball, and more, or simply as a fun activity and constructive way to burn off some energy! Boys Dance 1 is geared for ages 3-5, and Boys Dance 2 is geared for ages 6-10. 

Children's and Youth Classes

Boys are also welcome to enroll in any regular Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts classes. Boys receive a 50% tuition scholarship and can attend any regular classes including ballet, hip hop, tap, modern, contemporary, and more. Classes facilitate the development of important dance skills like rhythm, coordination, musicality, spatial concepts, basic ballet steps and positions, and dance class etiquette in a positive, nurturing environment. 

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Men’s Programs

Additional training for young men is available in our Pre-Professional and Conservatory programs, and some scholarships are available.



All of our instructors are highly trained and qualified in teaching. Many of the school's instructors are also professional dancers with the Ballet 5:8 Company, bringing a wealth of experience to their classes. Student instructors are required to progress through our teacher-training program with a minimum of one year of successful assistant teaching prior to instructing their own classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to wear tights? 

A. Not necessarily! Boys just starting out can wear black pants or gym shorts. 

Q. Do I have to wear pointe shoes?

A. No! Girls who study ballet wear special shoes, called pointe shoes, that allow them to stand on the tips of their toes. However, boys who dance do not do this. Instead, boys who take ballet classes can wear special boys' dance shoes that come in colors like white, black and tan. 


Q. What do boys do in dance classes? Is it the same as what girls do? 

A. While boys learn some of the same dance steps and positions that girls do, boys' dance training is very different. Boys' dance training is never "frilly" or "girly." Dancing is a very athletic activity for boys, focusing on the boys' ability to perform impressive jumps, turns and other feats. It has been said that ballet dancing is second only to football in the athletic ability needed to perform the sport! This is particularly true of boys dance training. 

Q. Do boys perform? 

A. Yes! Boys have many special opportunities to perform and show off what they've learned in dance classes, if they wish to participate in Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts performances. Participation in performances is encouraged but is always optional. Boys' roles in our story ballets tend to be different from that of the girls and often include things like sword fighting, acting, and performing impressive jumps and turns. Boys' roles in our Showcase performances are also specially created for boys. 

Q. Dance looks cool, but I could never do that. It looks hard! 

A. Learning to dance is a lot like learning to read. If you start off by learning the basics, and then slowly master more difficult concepts one step at a time, you will be surprised how much you can do!