What People Are Saying

"As my daughter puts it…she loves to dance for Jesus!

"We rave about Ballet 5:8 to everyone! We love their heart for the Lord! And as my daughter puts it “she loves to dance for Jesus!”

-Michelle J. Carter

“It brings me so much joy and feeds my soul." 

"I love going to the Adult Classes! I love that we have the opportunity to perform once a year. I love that the staff that teaches us are or have been professional dancers. I love that the classes are challenging yet fun and relaxed! It brings me so much joy and feeds my soul."

-Laura Kim

“...The instructors have incredible patience and skill working with the young ones." 

"My daughter loves Ballet 5:8, and as parents so do we! We recommend them to everyone we know with children interested in dance. I love that my four year old has small classes which allow for a lot of individual attention, and that the instructors have incredible patience and skill working with the young ones. My daughter has learned discipline, ballet basics, and discovered an absolute joy and love for dance. She talks non stop about her first recital and how she cannot wait until the next one!"

-Cassie Hamilton-Reid

"Thank you for keeping the Gospel at the center of what you do!" 

"Our family has been involved in Ballet 5:8 in some capacity since the start. We love the staff. They are mentors to the dancers beyond dance, which I appreciate more than words can express. My girls have met their best friends in class and those friendships continue to grow as they dance for Christ. Thank you for keeping the Gospel at the center of what you do!"

-Susan Painting Kreider

"There’s SO MUCH to love!!!!" 

"There’s SO MUCH to love!!!! The studio is beautiful and clean. The instructors and studio support staff are caring, kind, friendly, and compassionate and this carries over to the students and families. The curriculum is challenging and rigorous yet lovingly and compassionately implemented. But what our family of dancers LOVES the most is that God is at the center and Christ reigns in every facet of Ballet 5:8! From the name to the tone struck within the walls to the very performances and expectations of the students (modesty in dress and behavior, respect, etc) God is honored through it all! My crew is so excited to continue their training in the fall, y’all are a blessing and answer to many prayers.”

-Danise Gargia

"The instructors are friendly and compassionate. They pour so much into their classes…" 

"Both of my children take classes with ballet 5:8. This organization has helped foster a passion for dance that will stick with the kids, not just be a part of a phase in their childhood. The instructors are friendly and compassionate. They pour so much into their classes and the students. I’m also so grateful for their faith based mission. My daughter has grown in her prayer life from being involved with this company. I will continue to support and recommend this organization to all who inquire!"

-Andrea Richart

"My daughter just absolutely adores dance class…" 

"I love the teachers and the assistants and how wonderful they are with the kids. I love everything they incorporate into the class like the tutus and the uplifting music. I also love how my daughter just absolutely adores dance class and asks everyday to go."


"…My three girls come out with huge smiles on their faces." 

""My daughters LOVE Ballet 5:8 and their classes with Ms. Laura! I love how caring the teacher is, always willing to provide feedback and tips on things to work on at home, and how encouraging they are every week. After every class my three girls come out with huge smiles on their faces. We also love the small class sizes and personalized attention! Looking forward to starting another year with Ballet 5:8 this fall!"

-Amy Novotney

"We absolutely love Ballet 5:8!" 

"Three years ago I googled 'local ballet studios' and just randomly picked Ballet 5:8. My daughter was three, and I was just hoping she would make it through at least one class. At that time I was completely unaware of how much we would fall in love with all of the teachers, families, music, choreography and recitals. These are true role models! Every staff member is beyond talented and so passionate about each one of their students and teaching them the beautiful art of dance. At Ballet 5:8 you don’t feel like just another student getting lost in the numbers, you feel like a member of one big family!"

-Misti Duran

"Ballet 5:8 has been a wonderful experience..."

"Ballet 5:8 has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and my son, who recently started classes. He loves showing me what he has learned! I had looked around the area for a modest and affordable ballet academy for my daughter a few years ago. I couldn't find one that wouldn't exploit my young daughter or my pocket book. The Christ-centered School of the Arts was just what I was looking for. My daughter can learn ballet, and now tap, in an environment that centers on the love of Christ first and dance second. I enrolled my four year-old son during the second semester to help with his asthma; he can work his muscles without triggering an attack.  

The teachers bring a wonderful mixture of experience, discipline, and love to each of their classes. They care for their students. I can't wait to sign up my youngest daughter in one and a half years!!  

Thank you Ballet 5:8 for providing a wonderful environment that is Christ-based, loving, and fun for my children to learn dance!!"

-Stefania Charpentier

"I enjoy class so much!" 

"Having never done ballet before coming here, I was a little intimidated, but I'm so glad I came! It's been so fascinating getting to learn about this art form. I enjoy getting to push myself physically, while discovering the joys of dance. I love the environment here. Everyone is so kind, and the teachers are very encouraging. I look forward to each class and getting to learn something new!"

-Kate Reeves

"A unique school like no other in our community..."

"Since the day my family walked through the doors of Ballet 5:8, I knew they were a unique school like no other in our community, or any of the surrounding suburbs for that matter. This was when they first opened their doors in Frankfort. Immediately I was greeted by friendly and professional staff members who answered all my questions above and beyond. Soon after this my daughter started lessons, and I came to realize that all the teachers were the same. Caring, professional, and with lots of artistic integrity. They have also become incredible models to my daughter as well as other students in the children's program. The school has diversity in its student body, and a family atmosphere with all staff and teachers who truly care for the well-being of each individual student.

Also, the twice a year productions by Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts are professional and thought-provoking performances for all ages. My daughter who has been in the Children's Division for several years looks forward to these productions. It showcases the students technical development learned throughout the year but is unique in its faith based message. The Children's Programming at Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts is superior in instruction, has talented teachers, and offers a variety of classes.  What a wonderful GEM we have discovered in the Southwest Suburbs!

-Diana Vega-Gruca ... and my daughter Julia Francesca too!"

"Thank you for giving my daughter all of these wonderful tools!"

"My daughter has been training at Ballet 5:8 since 2014 when she was six. What attracted us to this school was their mission to represent Christ in all they do. I believe their success throughout these years is attributed to working passionately in the beautiful art of ballet and doing it for the Lord and not for man. My daughter has been privileged to have been accepted to a prestigious summer intensive program at the School of American Ballet in New York. This was only possible through the dedication, the instruction, technique, style and poise that is taught by all the instructors/teachers of ballet at this school. Thank you for giving my daughter all of these wonderful tools!"

-Eva Jabaay