Important Dates

Fall Semester 2019

Fall Semester Classes Begin: Thursday, August 22
Primary Registration Ends: September 14
Fall Open House: August 26-August 31

Pre-Professional & Conservatory BTN Audition: September 6th, 5-6p
Pre-Professional & Conservatory Parent Orientation: September 6th, 6-8:30p
Parent Observation Week: November 11-16

BTN Children’s Cast Rehearsal: Saturday, November 9th
BTN Full Cast In-Studio Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, December 14
BTN Theater Dress-Rehearsal at Lincoln Way West: Friday, December 20
Beyond the Nutcracker Performances: Saturday and Sunday, December 21 & 22
Last Day of Fall Semester Classes: Saturday, January 11*

*The last week of fall semester is after Christmas break.

Fall Semester Break Days (no classes):

  • Monday, September 2 (Labor Day)

  • November 28-30 (Thanksgiving)

  • December 23 - January 5 (Christmas Break)

Spring Semester 2020

Spring Semester Classes Begin: Monday, January 13
Spring Open House: January 13-18
Primary Registration Ends: February 2
Parent Observation Week: March 9-14

Children’s Division Ballet Exams (1B, 2A, 2B): May 4th-8th
SC & Pre-Pro (3A+): May 11-16

Toymaker Children’s Cast Rehearsal: April 18th
Toymaker Full Cast In-Studio Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, May 16th
Toymaker Theater Dress-Rehearsal at LWW: Friday, May 22nd
Toymaker Performances: Saturday and Sunday, May 23rd & 24th
Last Day of Spring Semester Classes: Saturday, May 23

Break Days (no classes):

  • March 23-28 (Spring Break)

  • April 10th (Good Friday)